Who is K.o.King Racing ?

Hello Everyone! Welcome to K.O.King Racing, the brand of my racing career. My name is Kamari. I’m a 23-year old college student majoring in Mechanical Engineering with an Aerospace minor. I want to use these skills to build my own performance race car and help advance the field of Motorsports. My mission is to be a positive role model to the younger generation. 

My goals include becoming a driver in the following types of professional racing: Open-Wheel, Stock Car, Sports Car/Endurance , and Vintage. I am also interested in racing in the following series: Formula One, Indy Car, Prototype Racing (LMDH,DPI ,LMP1, LMP2, LMP3), IMSA,WEC,etc. and NASCAR. My focus right now is to compete in Open-Wheel racing, however, I am excited to gain as much racing experience as possible.

Upcoming Pro Racing Driver and Hall of Famer

My Passion
foundation and focus

my love for cars

Starting off my career in karting

Watching and going to racing events

Achieving greatness in the motosports industry

My Passion for becoming a race car driver started when I was around 3 or 4 years old. I used to be glued to the TV watching NASCAR, IndyCar, and even Formula One. I will say Hot Wheels is another big part of why I want to be a driver as well. I used to have hundreds of cars. I would line them up just like on tv and act like I was a commentator and play with them. I love any and all forms of motorsports!


I graduated from Archer High School. My first college I also received my Associate of Science degree from was Atlanta Metropolitan State College. Currently i’m a 4th year Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in Aerospace Engineering at Kennesaw State University.


I have a number of different hobbies. I really enjoy playing video games. I have been gaming pretty much all my life. I also love working out, playing and watching sports, going outside and enjoying nature. I am very athletic and love running or going for a nice walks sometimes. I really enjoy hanging out with friends and family as well. I also love traveling and seeing the world. I love watching races when I am not racing myself as well! I love listening to music as well. I love it so much that I used to make instrumentals. 

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