My Role In The Andretti Fast Track Xperience Episode 2 "Power Up" (2021)

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I had the extreme honor of being a part of the Andretti Fast Track Xperience project. This project presents real world examples to highlight the importance of  STEM/STEAM in Motorsports. The target audience is high school students. This is the second of 3 episodes and in this episode I introduce the  topic on kinetic and potential energy.

I would like to thank Andretti Fast Track Xperience, KIA, and Jim of Mosaic Partner Solutions for this incredible opportunity. It was such a pleasure to do this. I got the privilege of meeting  Mr. Jeff Andretti and a lot of great people! If you would like to watch the entire video please visit https://www.andrettifx.org.


Bryant Group Motorsports Academy/Operation Hope- Atlanta Concours d'Elegance @ Tyler Perry Studios 2019

  In this event, I helped get people into the RC Car Lap Attack Challenge. I had an awesome time volunteering and getting to look at some wonderful vintage road and race cars! 


Bryant Group Motorsports Academy (BGMA) 2018

I started volunteering for Bryant Group Motorsports Academy (BGMA) in 2018. Thanks to a good friend of mine, I started volunteering with them. I briefly  met Mr. Bryant at Road Atlanta in 2018 while experiencing a ride along in one of his Shelby GT500 Mustangs. I was invited to an event hosted by Operation Hope/ Bryant Group Motorsports Academy (BGMA). That same day I was volunteering by helping put fuel in the cars. I volunteer for BGMA as much as I possibly can!

RC Car Lap Attack Challenge

This was a pretty cool challenge that Bryant Group Motorsports Academy (BGMA) actually uses for their program. This time, however, anyone who came to our tent could have participated in the challenge and gotten a ride along in one of the BGMA Mustang Shelby GT500 Race Car at Road Atlanta. 

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Lutheran Towers 2017

In my freshman year of college, we actually had to do some volunteering that dealt with technology so some of my classmates and I decided to go to a retirement home and teach some of the seniors how to use their technology. We show them tips and tricks and quicker ways to get every day tasks done! 

It felt great to be able to help other people learn how to use their devices. It makes me feel good inside that I could be of service to other in need!”

My Volunteering Goals

I would really like to start volunteering at race tracks more! It would be cool to be  a corner worker or someone who controls the flags at the flag stand. 

It would be fantastic if I could volunteer for Race for RP, The SCCA, and continue to volunteer for Bryant Group Motorsports Academy, and a lot of other organizations!

Atlanta Science Festival 2015

I have been volunteering for the Atlanta Science Festival since 2015. I remember telling my mom I wanted to volunteer in something that involved STEM so we found the Atlanta Science Festival. The first year my mom and I helped sell the blue themed T-shirts they had that year. I still have the shirt to this day!

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